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The Process
to Purchase
Order => Reply => Pay => Ship => Arrive about

If you
like to
  • You can order by Email and FAX
  • We ship wherever the mail system can deliver.
  • We ship from one product with one quantity.
  • If you would like to have special Form for the purchase, let us know.
  • Example of Inquiry
    Subject: Inquiry or Order
    Body: Hello,

    I would like to buy following products.
    Let me know how much total with shipping cost
    and how long it takes.

    Unico Disposable ST8 #2 x 40mm 2 boxes
    Asahi Silver Disposable 0.18 x 40mm 5 boxes
    Gold Hand Made Entei-shin big 1 pcs
    Ibuki Snow Flower Moxa 1 box
    Incense Extinguisher 2 pcs

    I would like to know how to purchase,
    the cost including shipping, and days to arrive.

    Barack Obama LAc,
    White House 100th Blvd
    LA Lakers City CA 99999
    U. S. A.

    Phone 1-234-4567-8901

  • You will receive the reply like the following.
  • Our reply is often classified to Junk email automatically. For 2 or 3 days, don't forget to check your junk email box.
  • We are going to reply email one by one. It might take a time, so please be patient. Thank you.
  • subject: Re: Inquiry or Order
    Body: Hello Barack Obama Sensei (=medical specialist),
    Unico Disposable ST8 #2 x 40mm
    Yen 2,000 x 2 boxes = Yen 4,000

    Asahi Silver Disposable 0.18 x 40mm
    Yen 4,000 x 5 boxes = Yen 20,000

    Gold Hand Made Entei-shin big
    Yen 30,000 x 1 pcs = Yen 30,000

    Ibuki Snow Flower Moxa
    Yen 10,000 x 1 box = Yen 10,000

    Incense Extinguisher
    Yen 105 x 2 pcs = Yen 210
    The prices in the page aren't real.
    The Total Price of Products in Yen 64,210

    [Shipping] to your country.
    *** The days are without passing the customs
    Express (5-7 days) Yen 8,880
    Regular (10-14 days) Yen 6,660
    Slow (3-4 days) Yen 4,440

    Yen 73,090 = 64,210 (Products) + 8,880 Express Shipping
    Yen 70,870 = 64,210 (Products) + 6,660 Regular Shipping
    Yen 68,650 = 64,210 (Products) + 4,440 Slow Shipping

    After you select the method to ship,
    we will bill from Paypal to your email

    [Date to Ship]
    Next Friday

    See the payment part.

    Geisha Sushi (name of person who works your order)
    9999 Central Japan Street
    Moxa City, Sankei State 09090

  • You pay the amount that is Total Yen in the reply email.
  • [Payment]
    We bill from Paypal to your email. On Paypal, you can choose currency and card.

    1. Paypal
    We will bill from Paypal to your email.
    The amount is Total Yen.
    Paypal helps you to pay in Yen on the screen.

    2. Credit Card
    We will bill from Paypal. You can use your credit card at Paypal's web site. Safe, Quick, and Easy

    We can charge only Yen to your card because of our contract between the card company and us.

    If you have any questions, let us know.

    Check your shipment status at here.
  • If you don't get the package certain days after we ship, let's know.
  • If you notice the day you receive, we appreciate the information.

  • about Return
    We don't accept returning your purchase except following situation.
  • Misunderstanding of Order. We try to avoid it as much as possible, but when it happens, we will change your purchase to the correct product if you haven't open the package yet. The opened package product can NOT be changed.
  • The damage while shipping. We will change the same product.
  • The cost of changing. We pay the shipping cost from Sankei to you, but you pay the shipping cost from you to Sankei.

  • Shop Information

    Company Name Sankei
    Address Shimazaki Building1F
    Kanda Kita Norimono-cho9
    Zip Code 101-0036
    Phone 81-3-3252-2149
    FAX 81-3-3257-0355
    President Hiroshi Enomoto
    Business Acupuncture and Moxa Supply

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