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What is Kinseikyu
The ideal posture that is balanced calls Kinsei in Japanese. The purpose of Kinsei Kyu is bringing back the balanced body posture with Moxa. Mainly wokring with muscle, meridian channel, and fascia. Using the technique of direct moxa, sitck-on moxa, and Ontake Moxa. The feature of Kinsei Kyu is visulaizing posture that tells where you should treat. Then the result is also visible because the posture will be balanced after the treatment. Kinsei kyu is hybrid treatment with Japanese traditional moxa and western body structures idea. Quick reaponse.

Imbalanced Posture Tells
In the right photo, the 4 block of rectangles are Not right positions. They are imbalanced in the arrows directions. (Can you see?). Kinsei Kyu brings back them to the correct positions. Then imbalance of posture will be balanced. For the treatment, Kinsei Kyu uses Direct Moxa, Stick-on Moxa, and Ontake Moxa.

  1. Tonetsu Kyu Using the idea of Points in Fukaya Kyu
  2. Ontake Kyu
  3. Hand Technique

September 7, 8(Saturday, Sunday)
9:00am - 5:00pm

Place: Sankei
Tokyo Kanda

Limit 12 , Current 8

Price Yen 15,000

Profesor Founder of Kinseikyu
Felip Caudet Brief History
1976 Born at Taragona in Spain
1999 Opened Clinic at Taragona
2000 Master Degree of physiotherapy at Ramon Llull Univ.
2010 Written "Calor que Cura in Spanish
2012 Found Okyu Gakko Barcelona
2014 Certificated as Fukaya Moxa instructor
2015 Published Edo era point book in Spanish
Deadline is August 20 Contact overseas@oq83.jp
03-3252-2149 Sankei

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