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Takenowa Moxa + Manaka Hammar
=Ontake(Warm Bamboo)
The comfortable moxa technique, Takenowa Moxa with the meridian channel rhythm becomes Ontake Moxa (Warm Bamboo Moxa). Ontake is consist of 2 components. Dr. Manaka Meridain Channel treatment and Moxibustion, which means heat therapy.

Ontake Moxa Video (Technique)
Ontake Moxa Video (Crinical)

Guide Book of Ontake in Japanese
July 7(Sat) Basic
July 8(Sun) Clinical
9:00am - 5:00pm

Place: Sankei
Tokyo Kanda

Limit: 12 Current: 7

Fee Yen 20,000
early bird Yen 18,500
The participants who don't have Ontake (Yen 600)
should buy at Sankei where the workshop place.

Inventor of Ontake Moxa
Oran Kivity Sensei

The Deadline on June 25
Provide English and Japanese translator
For more information
03-3252-2149 Sankei

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