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Loquat Onkyu
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Pole Moxa Ceramic Leaf
Loquat (Biwa) Onkyu Pole Moxa Type
Shin Ibuki Pole includes the powder of Biwa leaf.
Wooden Moxa Holder with 5 poles moxa Yen 5,280
Only 8 Poles Moxa Yen 4,400

No longer produced 04/29/2024
Loquat (Biwa) Onkyu Ceramic Type
Heat Holder A
The steam of Biwa Leaf Liquid comes out the diameter 30 - 40mm.
The patient can be with cloth.
Need Biwa Liquid and special incense.
Heat Holder A Yen 16,762

No Longer Produced 10/25/2022
Special Incense for Holder A
Len 80 x dia 8mm. Little Smoke
30 pcs Yen 2,571

No Longer Produced
Biwa Leaf Liquid
Made from Biwa Leaf that wasn't used pesticide.
Includes Biwa seeds.
300ml Yen 3,080

10/15/2023 No Longer Produced

Ceramic Heat Holder Netsugen
Doing Onkyu and Shiatsu at the same time.
Patient doesn't need to take off the cloth.
/w the pad that you can put the holder while it gives heat.
Needs the Biwa Leaf, it not includes.
Ceramic Heat Holder, Netsugen Yen 8,230
Heat 72pcs 67 x 6mm Yen 3,352

07/07/2015 No Longer Produced
Stickon Type
Shin Kyu Loquat(Biwa) stickon
Is put Biwa liquid to the Moxa and Roll paper.
Gives the soft heat and easily to do Loquat Onkyu.
144 pcs Yen 2,200
1080 pcs Yen 11,880

No longer sell 01/02/2023
Loquat (Biwa) Onkyu Electrcial Type
Electrical Heat Holder 2 holders 100V Yen 81,715
Cartridge 30pcs Yen 8,172
120pcs Yen 29,333

11/10/2016 No Longer Sold
Loquat (Biwa) Leaf

We ship the fresh leaf to the overseas,
but we are Not Sure whether your custom accepts it or not.
To place order us until Tuesday. We ship on Firday in the same week.
We cut the leaf after we get the order. We don't have leaf at the shop.
Biwa Leaf
Length 250mm x Width 80mm
Not exactly the same size.
1 leaf Yen 105
10 leaves Yen 995

No Longer Selling
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