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North American Journal of Oriental Medicine

The color difference is written by our Moxa people.
Year 2018 July No 73
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Editorial Cheryl Coull
An Ordinary Practitioner’s Moxibustion for Cancer Patients Fukushima Tetsuya
Thoughts about Treating Cancer Patients Mizutani Junji
Treating Cancer Patients in Shinkamigoto-cho Takashima Masa-aki
Moxa and Cancer: A Discussion Merlin Young
Treating Cancer: Who’s the Sensei? Jeffrey Dann
A Cautious Approach with Cancer Patients Bart Walton
What is of worth, is vulnerable Ton van Huffelen
A Practitioner’s Story of Recovery Ryu Ritsuko
Treatment of Cancer Menjyo Yuki
Treating Cancer with Acupuncture and Moxibustion Kokubo Junzo
Supportive Treatment of Cancer Mahtab Bayat
Palpation in Japanese Acupuncture and Moxibustion
Part 3
Katai Shuichi
Fukushin: Abdominal Palpation in Kampo
Part 2
Nigel Dawes
Introduction to Shakuju Therapy
Part 10
Takahashi Daiki
Holistic Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases Faruk Sahin
Part 2
A Medicine Reflecting the Land and its People
Nakane Hajime
Let Yourself Be the Light Takamatsu Bunzo
Treating Trigger Finger with Moxibustion Onishi Mayu
Moxafrica Update
North Korea March 2018
Ulick Burke
Moxa a Hit on Earth Day in Tokyo Yuki S Itaya
Springtime Shakuju Workshop
Berkeley, California
Anna K Smith
Celebrating Japanese Styles in Oregon Bob Quinn
Shimamura and the Wisdom of Master Nagano Bob Quinn
Acupuncture in a Kenyan Farming Village Sakamitsu Nobuo
Spring in Portland with Anryu Iwashina
Dr Bear
Daniel Silver
Year 2018 March No 72
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