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Oran Kivity
Oran Kivity
Moxa in Motion
The book should be a bible for the practitioners who use Ontake. It has the history, manipulation, perspective of body, and author's jokes. It is pretty much cover all needs in clinic with Ontake.
Yen 3,520 Published in October 2019
Read me, The magician and the apprentice
Chapter 1 Ontake Origin
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Regulation
Chapter 4 Tapping Zone
Chapter 5 Kyo, Jistu, and Palpation
Chapter 6 Techniques and Frequencies
Chapter 7 Action, Contraindications, and Applications
Chapter 8 Root Treatment
Chapter 9 Branch Treatment
Chapter 10 Dosage and the Doldilock Zone
Chapter 11 Ontake 1, 2, 3.... Pain Relief
Chapter 12 Balancing the Octahedron
Chapter 13 Integration Ontake with Manakas
Chapter 14 Following Manaka's Trail

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