Artemisia Food
Big Yen 764 125g
Small Yen 255 25g

No contains chemical material
The soap doesn't use oil. It is made in China. The soap smell that comes from sandalwood makes feeling better. You can use it as aromatic. It is also good for skin. Even atopic skin person can use it.

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  • Big 2 pieces Yen 1,885
    3 pieces Yen 2,619
    6 pieces Yen 5,238
    Small 3 pieces Yen 628
    6 pieces Yen 1,152
    9 pieces Yen 1,781

    Eco Pi Shampoo Yen 4,400 800ml

    Your hair will be dry with little moisture and soft.
    The shampoo is good for hair and ecosystem because it has high biodegradability because it is used in organic elements of plant.

    It cleans tiny your skin dust and makes your hair dry with little moisture and soft touch.
    Eco Pi Treatment Yen 4,400 800ml

    for Natural Styling Hair
    It is mixed in Hohoba oil and Pi Water with balance of seb-coating.

    It protects from heat of hair dryer and ultraviolet radiation.
    Pi Way Hair Rotion Yen 5,280 236ml

    Giving Energy for Hair Skin
    It is made by several medicinal herbs. For example, Japanese green gentian, carrot, loquat. And it is added some other stuff. It directly activates hair skin for that protecting dropping hair and helping growing hair.
    Pi Way Mint Gel Yen 1,980 120g

    Good for Skin
    It is made by gelatin and added mint and water of iron.