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Tea Dried Artemisia
Moxa Tea Artemisia might detox your fat

Yen 540 3g x 10 tea bags

Moxa is made from Artemisia.
In the process of producing moxa, 95% of artemisia is dumped. Feel wasting. Then the moxa factory thought the idea that put the dumped artemidia to the food of cow and big. For the factory wasting makes money. For the farmars, they can get cheaper food, so the idea could work for both. It, however, didn't success. The reason why is that. The pig and cow became healthy after they eat food with dumped artemisia. The meat didn't have snow flake on it.

I can't say we can expect the same for human beings, but it might work.
Dried Aretemisia

1kg Yen 5,400

Artemidia Hot on Pad

Yen 1,200 8 pads
130 x 95mm
Ave Temperature 45C
Highest Temperature 55C
Keeps 5 hours

November - March

No Longer Selling

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