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Soap Goods
Unnan Denshichi Purifying your blood is improving your body condition.

Yen 15,000 100g
How to take, 1spoon 1g

Having problems with adult diseases
Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Hardening of the Arteries, Hepatitis, Diabetes, Gastric Ulcer
Not only adult disease, but also ....
Fat, Stress, Menopausal Disorders, Constipation, Hemorrhoids

Clean blood prevents a lot of disease.
Denshichi contains a lot of organic germanium because it is made from Denshichi carrot. The germanium provides a lot of oxygen to body. It also produces interferon, so it purifies blood.


Himalaya Rock Salt mellowness flavor
each color Yen 660 200g / bag

It is rock salt, but it is powder.
The Himalayan rock salt has been existed for million years. It is widely used as natural medicine between Nepalese and Tibetan people from the ancient era. It is also help to your recipe. Your cooking is going to be better when you use the salt because the mellowness flavor works well. Why don't you try the salt for cooking and health!

06/11/2015 No Longer Selling

Kuko Eating recovering fatigue seeds
Yen 1,257 200g

for Soup or Rice cooked with meat, vegetable, fish, and etc
Kuko is dried seed of Chinese matrimony vine. It is good for recovering from fatigue.

It contains betaine and zeaxanthin, which improves blood circulation.
Fatigue, Diziness, Blur Vision, Cataract of Aging in the biginning

No Longer Selling
Propolis Candy improving weak body condition
Yen 550 120g

The candy gives energy.
It contains high quality and high purity propolis extract, which is produced in Brazil.

One candy contains 70mg of propolis extract.
No Longer Selling
Habucha tea
Yen 880 500g

Made by Cassiae Torae Seeds
This tea is made by seeds of Cassiae Torae.

High Blood Pressure, Disease of Eyes, Better Bowel Movement

No Longer Selling
Hatomugicha tea
Yen 838 350g

It has been existed since 17th century.
Preventing high blood pressur and making beauty skin

No Longer Selling
Banshokatsu for Diabetes
Yen 3,630 500g

is the secret of long life.
Banshokatsu is dried guava that is for medicine. It is popular in Taiwan and Unnan State in China.

Guava contains vitaminC, B1, B2, calcium, phosphorus, iron.

Fructose contributes reducing
the blood sugar level.

No Longer Produced 12/24/2013
Jugen improving immunity
Yen 9,900 500g

Soybean power makes healthy body
Jugen contains a lot of mineral. It consists 20% of the surface of soybean that is just before seeding and 80% of soybean protein.

It contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, iron, calcium, glutamic acid, and aspartic acid.
Activating Immune Cell
It helps a white blood corpuscle and a lymphocyte.

Getting More Blood
It makes your body condition better.

Taking out Thrombus
Preventing cerebral infarction, myocardium, and renal failure.

No Longer Produced 12/21/2013
Unnancha It is most popular tea in Hong Kong

Yen 1,650 150g

What is Unnancha?
The tea is grown up the alkaline soil in south of China.
It is classifies black tea.
Usually, you should take after meal.

High Blood Pressure
(Eliminating cholesterol)

No Longer Produce 09/10/2008
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